Indian public health care delivery system is going through a transforming phase

Since the launch of NRHM in the year 2005, public health infrastructure, demand & supply of services and resources required for the delivery of the service have improved to a great extent and there is of course a lot of scope to improve also. Government of India has also increased the health care expenditure since then and it is 2-3 % of GDP.

Government has launched various health programmes addressing mainly Mother & Child health Services such as JSSK , Routine Immunization, and some other programme like Family Planning, safe abortions etc. But somehow at the ground level, the programmes are not implemented to the extent government wants it to due to various reasons such as untimely approval of funds, inappropriate allocation of resources, physical infrastructure etc.

Integra Ventures

What We Do

Technical Support

  • Routine monitoring support & Rapid assessments

  • Feasibility studies & DPR

  • Documentation & Dissemination

  • GIS & AI based solutions

  • PPP contractual design with special emphasis on balancing private and public objectives.

Capacity Building & Training

  • Conduct Training need assessment of the Human resource

  • Design a continuous Training programme / calendar for the staffs

  • Impart training to the staff on different modules by the field experts

  • Develop evaluation tools to check the effect of training on the staffs

Quality Improvement of Health Facilities

  • Facility Audits

  • Operationalization of facilities

  • Establishing Policies/SOPs/Manuals

  • Internal & External Assessments

  • Development of Training modules and training material

  • Assessments under NQAP and Kayakalp

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Baseline & End-line studies

  • Facility & Programme Impact Surveys

  • Concurrent Evaluation

  • Economic Evaluations