Piyush Sharma

Senior Structural Consultant

Piyush completed his bachelor's in Civil Engineering from NTU Singapore. His first job was as a site engineer at a public housing project in Singapore, built using precast technology. He pursued his further studies at Imperial College London. Soon after, he returned to India and worked with various engineering consultancy firms in Delhi NCR as a structural engineer. The projects mostly included the analysis and design of high-rise building structures.

He is currently working as an Associate Structural Consultant. In 2021, he founded a structural engineering consultancy firm, Structure & Earthquake, to meet the growing demand for infrastructure development in the region.

Besides experience in the industry, he has undertaken an academic role as visiting faculty at Assam Engineering College, teaching Earthquake Resistant Design of High Rise Buildings, to final year students. He has been recently appointed as Adjunct Faculty by OP Jindal College of Architecture for teaching basics of structural systems to B.Arch. students.

He can be reached at piyush.sharma@integra-ventures.com