The Healthcare Sector had tremendous pressure to deliver while making economic sense

Post Pandemic Business immunization – Reconciliation/Consolidation/ Backward or Forward Integration/Diversification

The pandemic has affected businesses across all sectors. The Healthcare sector had tremendous pressure to deliver while making economic sense, especially for the Private Healthcare providers. Though Integra is predominantly working in the healthcare sector it was also affected by the initial lockdown and the uncertain future that surrounded us. This initially made the Healthcare Entrepreneurs skeptical regarding their new investment plans in the Healthcare sector. However, this did not stay for long and now we have a decent number of queries coming in from all quarters to develop Healthcare facilities.

Integra has continued to serve its clients throughout the lockdown phase and has helped many Hospitals to develop infectious disease treatable facilities. One of the major endeavors was to convert WIPRO’s one of their IT buildings into a 450-bed COVID care Hospital in Pune which served many during the second lockdown.

Another major work done by Integra ventures was to hand hold its clients to develop twenty RT-PCR Labs in Northeastern India and implement NABL standards thereby ramping up COVID 19 testing in these remotest geographies.

During the entire period, Integra’s objective was to incorporate practical cost-effective solutions to make Hospitals future-ready for such pandemic situations in the future.

The pandemic situation has taught us to serve our clients as a one-stop solution to avail them of comprehensive Consultancy services under one roof. Understanding the need of the hour, Integra has strengthened its Healthcare Infrastructure development wing to integrate all services including design, PMC, construction, commissioning, and Management support.

As a Healthcare Infrastructure professional, Give your insight on the latest trend in Healthcare Infrastructure?

Most of the budding Entrepreneurs in the Healthcare sector are influenced by big Corporate Hospitals which are usually located in metros. India is a price-sensitive market and the majority of healthcare expenses are out of the pocket expenditure. It is crucial that the entrepreneurs remain aware about the ground realities and keep practical expectations from their new Healthcare projects to not over plan and invest in their dream projects.

Integra’s motto is to emphasize rationalizing the investments of our clients by customizing their facilities based on their serving market. This enables the Healthcare projects to break even at a decent period and not overburden the promoters due to overspent CAPEX.

In today’s time, there is a rise in Healthcare entrepreneurial initiatives due to various enabling factors like ease of finance, growing insurance penetration, better awareness regarding quality healthcare services, etc. One of our advice to them is to focus on a single specialty or a few related specialty Hospitals where they specialize. The single-specialty facilities are already a hit in western countries and it makes more business sense for the budding entrepreneurs as it is lesser hassle and easier to manage. This also helps the entrepreneurs to maintain a better work-life balance and be happier promoters.

The market is also seeing a rise in comprehensive daycare facilities and wellness clinics as more and more people want to avoid the hospital environment for most of their Healthcare needs do not require hospital admission. The daycare concept is gaining momentum and it is a good start for any bigger Healthcare project to initially start with, establish the brand presence before developing a high-value project.

One of the areas of concern for the Hospital operators is the MEPF engineering services. It should be diligently planned and executed to save both CAPEX & OPEX. Availability of maintenance services before installing electro-mechanical systems is absolutely imperative.

How your organization is helping the Indian healthcare architecture & design Industry in making India Atmanirbhar?

India is huge with a diversified market and evolving dynamics. Integra Ventures strives to tailor-made cost-effective innovative design solutions for the healthcare entrepreneurs which best fit a given service market. Integra employs all modern methods and strategies in designing healthcare facilities with its integrated multi-disciplinary team of Hospital Planners, Architects, Service engineers and Biomedical Consultants.

Let us know your success story to inspire others?

We started Integra Ventures a decade ago as a focused healthcare Consultancy Organization with our initial target on East & NE states where Healthcare fared below par in comparison to other parts of the country. After a few initial years from inception, Integra Ventures has successfully delivered tangible results to the clients and has established its footprints in several states of India and also overseas and has affected the development of more than a hundred functionally planned and cost-effectively built healthcare facilities across the country.

It has also got the credentials of implementing National Quality accreditation standards (NABH, NABL) in more than 150 facilities. This involved huge persistent efforts in sensitizing the healthcare providers, especially in NE India about the importance of implementing a quality management system.

AUTHOR: Dr. Jyoti Rama Das (Co-Founder & Managing Partner – Integra Ventures)